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Do you love Portmeirion Potteries? Would you enjoy finding out more about these wonderful pieces? Would you like to talk with other fans/collectors? We have created this site with the hopes of building a Portmeirion based community for all to enjoy. The primary interest is the Botanic Garden design but the possibilities are endless with a range of pieces designed by Susan Williams Ellis and others.
Come join us in a lively
message board, visit the information pages and see many pictures of collector’s pride and joys. Please feel free to add your comments and PLEASE send us your Portmeirion pictures. Show us how you’ve displayed your favorites or show us your new discoveries. Keep in mind this is a new site and we need your help to build our community. Registration only takes a minute, click HERE!



 *This site was made for Portmeirion fans to enjoy. We are in no way experts on the subject but are happy to share what we’ve learned and share in conversation. Thanks for stopping by. If you have comments to improve this site they would be appreciated also. Portmeirion.tv is © 2002. All rights reserved.
Please see our privacy statement.

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