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Pictures 1-20 from BG Lover.

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1. My Pride and Joy 1970's Old and Rare Soup Tureen Blue Passion Flower

2. Spanish Gum Cistus Retired in 1985

3. Tureen lid Canterbury Bell, Cotton Flower, Cyclamen Daisy

4. Generic backstamp on the lid not the green seconds one

5. Early Botanic Garden Stamp Says Made in England with SWE name

6. Original ladle with only front decorations in Daisy

7.  Early 9" bowl with Eastern Hyacinth that has green/white flowers

8. Trophy Backstamp, retired oatmeal designs around outside

9. This is above my cabinets. No earthquakes please!


10. Aloe Vera, Meadow Saffron, Red Pepper Flan, dark Crocus, Spanish Gum Cistus, Pansy, Woody w/Blue Bee Flan, T. Bindwed

11. Canisters and plates above my cabinets

12. Plates above my cabinets and arch in kitchen

13.  11" Passion flower Serving bowl-Copyright Design on BS

14. Aloe, Citron, Spanish G. Cistus, M. Saffron, T. Bindweed, Daisy around the outside of Passion Bowl

15. The Enchanted Garden: 2 handled loving cup-Elf and Owls

16. The Enchanted Garden: Daybreak mug, Water Fairies ABC plate Set

17. These were hard to find! 4 in. Sweet dishes:  Canterbury Bells with Red Star, Orange Cactus, Purple Iris

18. Pomona Mandarin bowl and cloth placemat. I use it for fruit.

19. Pomona Late Duke Cherry Crescent plate,  Pomona   S + P, Cherry mini vase and mocha cup

20. My splurge, Hazelnut



 Susan & Euan. Photo courtesy Steve McKay

 More recent Susan & Euan. Photo courtesy Steve McKay

 Susan sketching underwater. Photo courtesy Steve McKay

 Susan sketching underwater. Photo courtesy Steve McKay

 ~Momof4~ Pomona Border and Pomona Plates

 ~Momof4~ Botanic Garden and Millennium Collection in her Wood Hutch

 ~Momof4~ Botanic Garden and Millennium Collection in her China Hutch

 ~Momof4~ Crown Imperial is the centerpiece in this wall display of BG plates

 ~Momof4~ Beautiful hutch and wall collection.

Amaryllis - New motif. Signed by Anwyl.

 Portmeirion Village from Nick-magic and Bundy while vacationing in North Wales.


~Steve McKay~
1980 Brochure

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