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Botanical Garden Backstamp and Lettering Details

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2000-Present Oval with just the circle of laurel (notice removal of the branches).

1999 to 2000 Oval with two branches within the logo above and below the word PORTMEIRION. 
This is the end to the ornate decorative backstamps :(      *Picture will be added soon
1982-1999 This is when Dishwasher and Microwave proof were added and it became increasingly smaller. Also added are a very small 8 and 2 right below the Portmeirion but above the 1972. The 8 and 2 do not appear on any backstamp before 1982. All BG backstamps between 1982 and 1999 have the figures 8 and 2 in the backstamp. In this picture the 8 and 2 are featured on a Cotton Barbados Flower plate. Also very rarely seen are the numbers 8 and 4.



1972-1982 Shows designer's name, Susan Williams Ellis, in left ribbon and Made in Britain in the right.


This was the first original backstamp in 1972. What a beauty! Left ribbon says Copyright Design and right says Made in England.


This type of lettering was seen in the 1990's and is used today.


This type of lettering began in the 1980's.


This type of lettering was seen in the 1970's.

This backstamp was seen in the 1980's.

How about some trivia? Coming soon.

Portmeirion Village North Wales where it all started.



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