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1972 - Present
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 10 inch Dinner Plates 1973
*First Released Motifs*
Venus's Fly Trap/Dionaea Muscipula

*Mexican Lily/Amaryllis Reinae-rare find-limited release

Blue Passion Flower/Passiflora Caerulea

Yellow Crown Imperial/Fritillaria

Manchineel Tree/Hippomane Mancinella

African Daisy/Artotis Grandiflora
*This was the very first released African Daisy
A very rare find

African Daisy more commonly seen in 1972/3

*Mexican Lily's Butterflies changed in 1985?



*Mexican Lily's Butterflies changed again in 1993


*Replacement  Motifs*
10 inch Dinner Plates

Virgin's Bower/Clematis Florida
Replaces Venus's Fly Trap 1995

Flowered Chrysanthemum/
Chrysanthemum Coccineum
Replaces Mexican Lily in 1994

African Lily/Agapanthus
Replaces Blue Passion Flower in 2002

Christmas Rose/Helleborus Niger
Replaces Yellow Crown Imperial in 1984

Replaces Manchineel Tree in 1983

*changed to yellow/pinks in 1994

Shrubby Peony/Paeonia Moutan
Replaces African Daisy in 1990

Lily Flowered Azalea/Rhododendrum Liliflorum
Replaces Honeysuckle in 1999

Magnolia Altissima/Asiatic Magnolia
Replaces Chrysanthemum in 2001
8 inch Side Plates and 13 inch Steak Plates 1973
*First Released Motifs*

Water Melon/ Cucurbita Citrullus

*Oriental Hyacinth/Hyacinthus Orientalis (white/green flower)

Woody Nightshade/
Solanum Dulcamara with odd blue bee

Red Peppers/Capsicum Rubrum

Dog Rose/Rosa Canina

Night Flowering Cereus/Cactus Grandiflorus

1980 Woody Nightshade's blue bee changed to moth


*Replacement Motifs*
8 inch Side Plates and 13 inch Steak Plates

Purple Rock Rose/Cistus Purpureus replaces Water Melon 1980

*1985 changed flowers to blue/white and butterflies changed


Sweet William/Dianthus B Borrbatus replaces Woody Nightshade 1994

Slender Columbine/Aquilegia Gracilis replaces Red Peppers 1984

Treasure Flower/Gazania Ringens replaces Night Flowering Cereus 1985
Garden Lilac/Syringa Vulgaris replaces Slender Columbine 1999
6 inch Bread and Butter Plates 1972
*First Released Motifs*

Daisy/Bellis Perennis

Aloe/Barbadoes Aloe

Trailing Bindweed/

Citron/Citrus Medica

Spanish Gum Cistus/Cistaceae

1994 T. Bindweed's butterfly change

Meadow Saffron/Colchicum

*Replacement Motifs*
6 inch Bread and Butter Plates

Ivy Leaved Cyclamen/Cyclamen Repandum replaces Spanish Gum Cistus in 1985

Barbados Cotton Flower/Gossyplum Barbadense replaces 1976

Snowdrop and Crocus/Galanthus and Crocus replaces Citron in 1980

Blue Primrose/Primula Villosa replaces Snowdrop and Crocus in 1999




Small Narcissus/Narcissus Minimus replaces Meadow Saffron in 1995 

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