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1972 - Present
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Oatmeal Bowls 1972
*First Released Motifs*

Purple Iris


Cyclamen/Cyclamen Repandum

Barbados Cotton Flower/Gossypium Barbadense

Orange Cactus

Canterbury Bell or Redstar
*Replacement Motifs*
Oatmeal Bowls

Cups and Saucers 1972
*First Released Motifs*

Forget-Me-Not/Myosotis Paulustris
Common Tomentil/Potentilla Erecta

Veronica Chamaedrys

Rhododendron Lepidotum

Heartease/Viola Tricolor

Scarlet Pimpernel/Angallis Arvensis

1972-1985 Spring Gentian/Gentian Verna

Spring Gentian Creamer


1973-1983 Strawberry Tree/Arbutus

1973-1983 Yellow Foxglove

1990-1993 Austrian Lily/Lilium Martagum Lasagne dish

Austrian Lily/Lilium Martagum

1991-1993 Double Camelia/Camelia Japonica (usually only found  on lasagne dishes)

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